Create an endpoint to receive webhooks

To get started with webhooks you'll need to build an endpoint for your application. The endpoint should be accessible publicly, and should be able to handle POST requests. We also recommend that the endpoint be secured with HTTPS.

Webhook request details

For every event that is generated within the Morta platform that relates to processes, or tables, we'll generate a corresponding webhook POST to your configured endpoint. When setting up your notification, you'll be able to specify with type of events that you'll like to receive and whether you want events for a specific table, or process.

Expected response from your endpoint

When Morta sends a webhook to your endpoint, we'll expect a 2xx HTTP status code. This is to acknowledge that the webhook was received successfully. Any other status code will tell Morta that there was a problem processing the webhook.

Morta also expects the webhook to be acknowledged within 10 seconds, if it takes longer than this we'll mark the webhook as failed.